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Marineland Penguin 350 Review

by Janet
Marineland Penguin 350 Review
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Proper functioning aquarium filters are critical to the health and safety of your aquatic turtles. Therefore, we have put together this write-up that gives a detailed review of one of the most renowned power filters among many turtle enthusiasts_ the MarineLand Penguin 350. 

Generally, the best filter for your turtle aquarium depends on its size, the water type, and the turtle species that live in the tank. Filters are very important because they have been specifically designed to remove any solid wastes as well as any chemical contaminants in the water that are often a result of the nitrogen cycle. Even in instances where the water looks clean, you ought to clear out any invisible toxic chemicals that are harmful to your turtle. 

Considering the variety of options in the market, finding the best filter for your aquarium becomes somewhat challenging. However, if you understand your specific needs and preferences, finding the best match for your aquarium shouldn’t be so much of a problem. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and efficient option, you would be impressed with everything the MarineLand Penguin 350 has to offer. It boasts a wide array of features that makes it a popular favorite among many turtle breeders, enthusiasts, and anyone looking to care for a turtle. Also, you will find it quite useful for several aquarium setups. Let us review it further and break down its features for a clearer overview of the filter.

Marineland Penguin 350 Review and Breakdown

marineland penguine 350 review

The MarineLand Penguin 350 Power Filter delivers effective and easy 3-stage aquarium filtration without having to go through the hassle of incorporating air pumps, tubing, or valves in the process. It features trouble-free and easy-to-use rite-size filter cartridges that come ready to use with each filter. The cartridges have been designed to chemically and mechanically remove any odors, waste, or discoloration effects. The revolutionary BIO wheel ensures biological filtration and removes toxic ammonia and nitrate from the nitrogen cycle. 

The Penguin Power Filter requires virtually no set-up, making it the best option for any turtle enthusiasts even one at the beginner levels. The manual is detailed enough, and all you need to do is follow through with the instruction to connect the parts before hanging the filter onto the back of your tank. Before plugging it in, prime the filter with aquarium water. The mid-level strainer allows you to adjust the water flow. 

Apart from that, it features a 2-piece vented cover specifically designed for quiet operation and hassle-free filter cartridge access. Its convenient and changeable mid-level intake connects to the intake tube to ensure refined water circulation and overall efficiency.

After the initial set-up, maintaining the MarineLand Penguin 350 filter is quite easy. All you have got to do is remove and directly replace the filter cartridge after about a month, then clean it up as required. Lastly, maintain an adequate water level in your tank so that the filter can run quietly and efficiently. 

What we liked;

  • Delivers chemical, mechanical and biological aquarium filtration to ensure a clean aquatic environment at all times
  • Patented bio-wheel technology provides magnificent wet or dry biological filtration
  • Easy to use and install
  • Durable and well-designed structure 
  • High performing filter with a good rate

What we didn’t like; 

  • With time, the filter becomes quite noisy, especially when your water level drops below a certain point, which may irritate the turtle and even anyone within that environment 
  • Needs frequent clearance, which is tedious and time-consuming 
  • It is difficult to fix once the actual motor goes bad
  • It does not come with a filter indicator, so you may not know when it is time to replace the filter

MarineLand Penguin 350 Specifications 

Item Descriptions 
MarineLand Penguin 350 
Item Code 
15.5 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches 
Important Features Included 
Rite Size C Filter Cartridge (x2) and Bio Wheel (x2)
Flow Rate
350 gph
Power Cord Length 
6 feet
Maximum Tank Size 
75 gallons 

Marineland Penguin 350 Features 

Large Filter Capacity and good aeration levels 

This specific filter is designed to serve aquariums with approximately 50-70-gallon capacity. To add to that, it processes up to 350 gallons of water in an hour; which means that it would process about 70 gallons of water 5 times within an hour. That is perhaps so efficient for such a compact tool. 

Also, one of the most appreciated features of the MarineLand is the fact that it ensures heightened aeration levels for your aquarium. Since turtles need a lot of oxygen to breathe when in the water, this is an essential feature to consider when picking out any filter for your aquarium. 

Efficient performance and easy installation 

As we mentioned earlier, the MarineLand Penguin 350 filter features a multi-stage filtration process that always produces clean and clear water. The first stage involves mechanical filtration, where its cartridge floss screens out any debris or dirt and uses a patented ribbon back for maximum carbon to water contact. The second stage is chemical filtration, where the activated carbon specifically removes impurities, discoloration, and odors. The last step is the biological filtration stage that involves the introduction of beneficial bacteria that facilitate the elimination of ammonia and nitrate.  Stage one and two take place simultaneously to ensure the complete removal of chemicals, solid debris, and toxins. 

When it comes to installation, its hang-on-back feature makes it easy to install and work around. All you need to do is hang the Marineland filter at the back of your aquarium, ensure the clips are fastened, and you are good to go. Also, the hang-on-back feature allows you to keep the filter outside the aquarium, hence leaving enough space for your turtle to navigate. 

Who is it best suited for?

You should consider purchasing the MarineLand Penguin 350 if you have an aquarium whose size is between 50 and 70 gallons. Also, this filter is ideal if you have older turtles in your tank. 

Verdict: Should you get the MarineLand Penguin 350?

Yes, you should. Even though it may produce an irritating bubbling sound at one point throughout its lifetime, it ensures that your turtle’s exit within a clean and clear environment. Its efficiency is worth the hype, and its durability levels ensure that it would last you a lifetime.

Are there any alternatives to the MarineLand Penguin 350?

Yes. You can consider purchasing the Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter designed for Aquariums which is more silent than the MarineLand Penguin 350. 

Item Descriptions 
Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter designed for Aquariums 
Bio-Bag Filter Size
Large Cartridge 
12.88 x 6.31 x 7.5 inches 
Important Features Included 
Rite Size C Filter Cartridge (x2) and Bio Wheel (x2)
Flow Rate
340 gph
Power Cord Length 
6 feet
Maximum Tank Size 
45-70 gallons 


  • Is there somewhere to place the small bio max rings?

Yes, there is. There is enough space between the filters and the back of the filter. Using that space, you can fit about 2 filters in each section, so about 4 would be the maximum number. 

  • Can I use the Marineland Penguin 350 for baby aquatic turtles?

While it is a high-performing filter, it is not recommended for use in tanks with baby aquatic turtles because the current is quite strong, and it doesn’t work as an above water filter. Generally, you must ensure that the water is low enough so that the turtles can climb out when they need to.


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