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It is baffling that Turtles managed to outlive dinosaurs given that they have survived on earth for over 200million years. They are the oldest reptiles and have shells that can be confused with that of the tortoise. The tough protective shells protects them from predators and one of their unique survival mechanisms is tucking their heads inside the shells. 

Turtles are quite versatile, they don’t have specific diets so they adjust to feeding on what is in their current environment. For example, the land turtles will not have a problem feeding on grass and fruits, whereas the sea turtles will feed on the types of fish that fit their mouth including the jellyfish. Welcome to Turtle harbor your one-stop shop for educative information concerning the age-old turtles. 

Turtles always portray a weary and ancient look but none of the descriptions fits them, for starters turtles are fast, but the reason why they prefer to move slowly is because of their slow metabolism thus moving slowly is a way of conserving energy. Turtles look heavy but they are actually light in weight and that is why they can easily swim in the ocean. The reptiles can be found anywhere around the globe be it in the cold waters or the coral beaches but not in Antarctica. 

One peculiar characteristic of the turtles is that the males have a special liking for the ocean and will seldom leave the ocean. The female turtles, on the other hand, prefer to lay their eggs ashore on the sandy beaches. The information provided above is part of the wealth of information about turtles that we have compiled for you at Turtle Harbour. 

You will expand your knowledge by interacting with articles detailing the difference between turtles and tortoises, you will learn about the lifecycle of a turtle and be able to discern why it has outlived the dinosaurs. Comprehensive information on the different types of turtles has also been consolidated and you will, therefore, learn about the mud turtles and the leatherback turtles among others. 

Turtles are a mystery to many and still a wonder of the world, the reason why you should take your time to understand this peculiar reptile. Over the years turtles, as well as tortoises, have become endangered, their habitat has been invaded making it hard for them to survive. Some are adopted as pets but the environment they are kept in doesn’t resemble their natural habitat, and which threatens their survival.